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What It Means To Be An NBR Certified Stylist

Last spring, I became an NBR certified stylist. This means that I am officially certified to offer Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions from the creators of NBR. Danelle White at DKW Styling created the NBR method and now offers training to other professional stylists to become certified.

In order to become certified, I attended BMS training in Laguna Beach, California taught by Danelle and her professional trainers. Once the training was finished, I had to complete several hours of practice and demonstrate my work on actual clients. It takes six months of offering NBR extensions before Danelle lists newly certified stylists on her website. I am listed on the DKW Styling certified stylist list.

In addition to the initial training, I attended the first BMS convention in Laguna Beach this past December. At the convention, I received additional training in the NBR hair extension method and met with other stylists. The conference added to my knowledge about NBR and my business.

Just this month, I attended another training in Laguna Beach to become a Level 3 NBR certified stylist. At that training, my knowledge of the NBR method increased. I am fully confident in my ability to offer my clients the best possible experience with NBR hair extensions.

In addition to my continued training with Danelle White in Laguna Beach, I also do weekly BMS training. Danelle and her team offer online support to answer questions, continue training, and support the certified stylists.

When you choose NBR with a certified stylist, you can feel confident that you will receive top-notch service from a trained professional. Danelle has built an NBR tribe that supports each other. It is important that the NBR brand is well represented. If you are interested in NBR hair extensions, make sure the stylist you choose is certified.

To start your NBR hair extension experience, fill out my online application. I would LOVE to help you get the hair of your dreams with NBR hair extensions.

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