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          Hair extension care 

Styling: Be gentle, no pulling or tugging, but style your new hair as if it was your own.

Brushing: Start at the ends and work your way up to the base, while holding down the roots/extension wefts (wet or dry). Brush normal, but be careful you do not hook your brush into the tied areas.


The WET BRUSH is a favorite on extensions. This allows your hair to be brushed through without ripping at knots. Be gentle, any excessive rough brushing or pullingl of any hair can rip them out, extensions or not.

Blow-Drying: While blowing hair out, do not tug. For those with sensitive scalps, gently rough dry the hair and then style with a hot tool.

Sleeping: It is best to go to sleep with dry hair, not recommended to sleep with wet hair. Long periods of moisture can carry bacteria and mold. Always put hair in a low braid.


  • Sunscreen CANNOT touch your hair. If sunscreen touches the hair it can discolor the extensions and permanently ruin them. Ask for recommendations. 

  • Place hair in a tight braid (single or double) to keep hair from flowing free in the water. Braids will keep them from tangling.

  • Rinse/shampoo any pool or ocean water off as soon as possible, brush, an apply conditioners.

  • Do not pull back into a tight pony/bun/top knot until you have fully washed your extensions.

  • Products: ONLY PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS can be used on the hair from a SALON or PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE. Amazon, Target, CVS, Marshalls, or any other non-professional beauty supply stores do not carry quality products for your color treated hair or especially your extensions. These are black marketed or expired/old products. They can instantly ruin your hair, do not use them.

  • Light oils, a great leave-in, heat protection, and detangler spray is usually all you need. Light hairsprays, texture sprays, powders to give some volume can be great for styling. Do not over use products, build up can matte the hair. Cleaner hair will allow for longer wear time.

Washing: 1-3 times a week is usually enough. This may differ slightly if you are extremely oily.

Do not POKE, PICK or CUT the extensions. Any of this may unravel the hair, causing extreme shedding or loss of extensions hair. If there is any tiny pieces poking or pulling, text me and will find out whats going on.

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