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Get the Hair of Your Dream in 2018

Now that 2018 is underway, it is time to focus on getting the hair of your dreams. As you know, last year I discovered the Natural Beaded Rows hair extension method. This hair extension method has given me the hair of my dreams.

Now that I am an NBR certified stylist, I can help you have the luxurious, long hair you have always wanted.

For 2018, I am focused on new intentions. 2017 was a transitional year for me personally and with my salon business. The path through the transitions has given me a new attitude, and I am ready for a fresh start.

One of the big transitions was the training and friendships I received by pursuing the NBR extension method. In December, I attended the BMS convention where I received additional training on NBR hair extensions. This was also a time to reconnect with other stylists and build on my knowledge of the industry.

I am now more excited than ever to share my passion for making women feel beautiful. If you desire longer, thicker and more luxurious hair, NBR is a great option to consider.

I love that with the NBR method, the extension hair has fewer points of contact with your natural hair. This leads to less damage, easier removal and better coverage.

The Natural Beaded Row method offers a few key benefits.

1. Lengthen Hair

NBR uses hand-tied Bohyme hair extensions. These extensions are available in 14, 18 or 22 inches. Regardless of the length you choose, we will custom cut and color the hair to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Because the quality of the extension hair is so great, the added length will look natural. The bead and string method used to attached the extension hair to your natural hair also gives you the option to pull your hair up without your extensions being exposed.

2. Thicken Hair

Maybe your desire isn't for waist long 22 inch hair. NBR hair extensions may still be the perfect option for you. With NBR you can add more hair than with traditional hair extensions.

If you want added volume, NBR extensions will provide the thickness you crave. The extension hair can be cut to your desired length; however, the added hair will give your hair more body.

3. Enhance Color

Especially with light blonds, hair can appear thinner. Also, when you are looking to enhance your color, added hair can create the depth you want.

NBR hair extensions are custom colored to match your natural hair. We will work together to determine the best shade for you. By adding NBR hair extensions to your hair, you will find that your color is enhanced for a better overall look.

Join me this year as we tackle new intentions. Add to your confidence with the luxurious hair you desire. Contact me today to schedule your free NBR consultation.

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