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Introducing Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions to Angele Marie Styling

Last spring I trained with Danielle White, owner of DKW Styling, in Laguna Beach to become certified in the Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) hair extension method. I am excited to now offer this high-end, custom hair extension method to my clients. You are going to LOVE it!

What are Natural Beaded Rows?

NBR hair extensions are a unique method developed by Danielle after years of research and practice. This method uses beads and string to tie multiple wefts of hair to each row of extensions. By using the NBR method, more hair can be added to your natural hair without the added weight or damage of tradition hair extensions.

What are the Benefits of NBR?

NBR has many benefits. First, with NBR the extension hair is custom cut and colored to give you a tailored look. Second, because of the way NBR attaches the extension hair to your natural hair, you cannot see the extensions. You can pull your hair up into a ponytail or top-knot without anyone knowing you have hair extensions. Third, NBR causes less damage than traditional hair extensions. Because NBR has fewer contacts with your natural hair, you do not risk the damage caused by some other hair extension methods.

Why did I Choose NBR?

After researching Danielle and Natural Beaded Rows, I saw the difference of NBR compared to other hair extension options. I knew I had to attend her training and become certified. It was a great decision! Over my career, I have offered many different hair extensions and nothing has compared to the quality of the experience with NBR. I have always struggled with my fine, thin hair. I have never experienced the luxurious volume that I have with NBR. This hair extension method gives me the long, thick hair I've always wanted.

Natural Beaded Rows are the best hair extension method I've ever worn or offered. You are going to love Natural Beaded Rows. Check out the video below to see Danielle in action. To learn more about NBR or to schedule a consultation, contact me today.

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